RFID Cards

Maximize safety, security and convenience for customers, guests,student and employees and heighten efficiency in your people identification and management. Because this RFID card can be read from far away even through badge holders, purses, pockets and backpacks, you can use it to streamline and ease congestion in your identification, access control and transaction processes.

RFID Wristband

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has completely reshaped the way amusement and waterparks operate. RFID wristbands offer cashless payments, reduce waiting times and provide efficient entry control & capture customer data efficiently and improve security. Ideal for access control, seasons pass programs, gym memberships or other premium credential!

RFID Metal Tag

Metal tag is designed for tagging metal objects and surfaces, as well as challenging non-metal objects. The thin, soft and flexible tag structure ideally suits curved and flat surfaces. Metal mount RFID tags are typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attached. You can use them to track computers and IT assets, tools, machinery, returnable containers and other metal items.

RFID Windshield Tag

MyGPS RFID provides a comprehensive range of premium quality Rfid Windshield Tags For Cars, Buses & Trucks. These tags are designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification. The passive UHF tag is designed to work on car windshield glass and suitable for wide section of Vehicles. These Tags are designed to use parking, entrance/exit of any premises offices, toll gates, vehicle tracking.

RFID Clothes Tag

RFID Laundry Tags are ideal for tracking linens, uniforms, retail Stores, Hospitals Linen & Inventory Management, Hotel Management, Bed Linen Management, Garment Inventory Management, Restaurants, Dry Cleaning Stores, Retail Stores, etc. These RFID garment tags are UHF and washable to keep the track record of washing cycles, garment age, etc.

RFID Key Tag

Key chain RFID keytag can be used for identification and the triggering of an event on any RFID reader. RFID Fobs suit many application needs and can be typically used for access control, attendance, product identification, logistics management, industrial automation, tickets, casino token, membership, public transportation, e-payment.

RFID Animals Tag/Chip

Animal identification includes glass transponders for pets, zoo animals, fish and smaller farm animals such as goats. We also offer RFID inlays for ear tags to support convenient, reliable and cost effective livestock identification & also micochip implant. RFID can be an important tool in a farmer’s arsenal to identify each animal along with its pedigree and medical information.

RFID File/Documents Tag

Companies both small and large that handle large amounts of paperwork (of files) understand the amount of time and money invested in locating and managing important file. No matter the size, losing important files can be a significant problem. RFID file management systems are a great option to help companies track files more effectively and efficiently than the typical filing systems used today.